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PPC means pay per click. It is a type of search engine marketing which has been designed to drive traffic to the website of a business. PPC is a type of sales promotion which allows marketers to pay only when the advertisement link has been clicked by a user. PPC is an integral part of advertising on Google. There are various types of PPC ads, but the most usual ones are which appear when a user searches for a relevant topic. PPC helps bring direct traffic to the website. At Digital Vista, we assist in designing the best PPC ad campaigns providing fantastic returns on investment.

Google Adwords is an advertising service that is operated by Google. It enables any business to display an advertisement on Google search engine results. Google receives payment only when someone clicks on the ad link. It is also known as Google paid advertisement. Adwords campaign is not just about putting together the right campaign but also a superb blend of ideas, and flawless execution. At Digital Vista, our approach will always stay focused on the client and the targeted audience. We provide ideas for campaigns based on thorough research and analysis.

It is important to have a well-designed website created by professionals. The website is the way your business makes its first impression. In this fast-paced technological world website designs are constantly changing and evolving. We provide engaging new web designs that are well suited to your brand and will be easy to navigate by the users.

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The success of your digital presence is most essential to the growth of your business. Most of your customers discover you through the internet. Should you not reach out to more of them? That is where Digital Vista come in. Team Digital Vista help shape your digital strategy with an end to end solution – from running your PPC campaign to looking after your Social Media Presence